Sunday, February 3, 2013

Naguib & Fadilah (nagfa)

The husband-wife duo who have a been one of the most active ambigram artists who has been a binding force in bring all such artists under one such platform. 
They have been my inspiration since the day I have learned about them. Their style, passion and work has always been a benchmark to me.

This attempt came an inspiration from Clayton Mabey's mirror ambigram and needless to say which is amazingly awesome!!!

So here is my attempt to an Mirror Ambigram of their names which I don't recall ever seeing. 

web links:
Naguib & Fadilah (nagfa)
Clayton Mabey


I had earlier posted an ambigram of "Shilpi & Nitin" with a reference of an ambigram 'a lot of love' by JOHAN SKYLLING which has been a inspiration. 


An ambigram made for a fellow ambigram artist.

Vijayeta & Chintan

 A solution that never came during their marriage but only after their first anniversary, it just came easily.


An attempt which is completely hand done.


Suhita, Mahak & Tahura

Off lately been hooked to my passion for ambigrams. So my sister requested ambigrams for her BFFs.  



A request made by a good friend's sister a long time back. I couldn't find the vector version of the same. Recently got hold of a hand done sketch of both the versions that I had done.

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Sumbul & A dil

Wishing the couple a wonderful and joyous life.

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Its been really long since I made an ambigram. . Nothing more to say. . the pic above says it all. .